About Us

YES Inc. has a network of experienced associates with expertise in variety of fields and countries. They are available by invitation only to participate in projects in need of their expertise and with the agreement with the client's agreement. We strongly believe that competitive electricity prices is one of the main driving force for a flourishing economy. We will help our clients in exploring ways to achieve their objectives in this area.  

About the Founder

Nabila Yousef is the president of Yousef Energy Services Inc. (YES Inc.), a consulting firm in the energy field since 1997.

She holds B.SC in engineering and Master of Applied Science in Mechanical Engineering

Nabila held senior positions with American and Canadian companies in the field of Nuclear Generation, Distributed Generation, Retail Distribution, Smart Meters, Conservation and Demand Management.

She was responsible for the design, analysis and R&D programs of the Special Safety Systems of Ontario’s CANDU reactors.

She was the Director of Pickering nuclear plant, Engineering and Construction; an 8 units nuclear power plant with a total capacity of 4,800 MW.





Nabila Yousef's Resume

She co-founded Women in Science and Engineering in Canada (an organization helping young women get into Engineering and Science).

She served as the President of the Canadian Nuclear Society.

She is an award winner of the Top 50 Women in Energy Globally in 2002 and the Americas in 2003. She served on Boards of charitable organization, professional societies, and publicly traded companies. She is presently on the International Advisory Board of Terrestrial Energy Inc.


1. Member of the Association of the Professional Engineers of Ontario (APEO)
2. Member of the International Advisory Board of Terrestrial Energy Inc.
3. Part of the international review team of Westinghouse AP600 Design and construction
4. Co founder and Past President of Women in Science & Engineering (WISE)
5. Member of the Engineering Review Committee of Nova Scotia Council on Higher Education
6. Past President of the Canadian Nuclear Society (CNS).
7. Past Chairman of CNS past Presidents Awards Committee (1991/92).
8. Past President of Corbrook Board of Directors (Charitable Organization for the severely challenged people 1997 -2008)
9. Member of the Board and chairman of the audit committee of Aquillium; a publicly traded software company

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